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The city of Greensboro is the county seat of Guilford County in the state of North Carolina. The city has been thriving for the past couple decades, rapidly growing in population. According to the US Census Bureau’s estimate in 2016, Greensboro’s population was 287,027, an increase of 28.1% since 2000. With the presence of national companies headquartered in Greensboro and numerous institutions of higher education, the city has a strong economy that continues to improve.

Greensboro’s economic growth draws thousands of new residents into the city. As a result, a large increase in the construction of housing has occurred. If you are moving into a new home in the city, you will have to consider purchasing the right appliances for your home. Since 2003, A-Z Appliances has brought new products to Greensboro residents at a discount. From HVAC, Kitchen, Outdoor and Bathroom appliances, we have it all!

A-Z Appliances is committed to providing quality products at an affordable cost. Search through our online catalog or call us today for more information about our products.

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